Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where - oh - Where in '08?

There seems to always be another exciting adventure waiting for me somewhere on the planet! My 2008 summer travels to Thailand already hold great promise for more intriguing tales! For example... this week I received an email from John, an American living near Phitsanulok, with the following description of a hard to reach temple ....

"It is really a magical kind of place. It is on a sprawling hilltop or mountaintop (depending on your definitions) and is studded with giant boulders. There are a bunch of bridges connecting the boulders and there are little huts on the boulders that you can stay in. According to the abbot, there are 300 little bridges! The place looks like something out of one of those "fantasy adventure" type computer games. It is quiet and there are a ton of singing birds."

Now does that sing to my adventuresome soul or what!

Earlier this year, I was able to visit China. Our 54 person group of middle school students from my sister Carol's school, along with parents and friends boarded the ten day world wind tour of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing.

Whether it was visiting The Forbidden City......

Climbing the Great Wall....

Or riding every form of public transportation from the bullet train, street cars, cable cars, city buses, boats or planes..

We didn't lose anyone while mingling with China's 1.2 BILLION hard working, hospitable and sometimes quite exotic people!

So let the 2008 adventures continue!