Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Me... talking politics ... even while in meditation?

The Golden Buddha in Bangkok.... one ton of pure gold!

During one of the reflective compassion meditations during the 19 day retreat, we were asked to show compassion on someone we really did not like. Well.... I thought of a couple of political figures in the USA with whom I could conjure up Zero - Zip - Nada degrees of even the tiniest bit of compassion.

Later I had a chance to talk about this with Rosemary, one of the teachers, during a private interview with her. I was on my high horse of idealism, questioning why these very powerful USA political figures were doing so little, if anything, in my humble opionion, to bring about an end to all the suffering in the world. Of course under my breath what I was also saying was that if I, were in their position.... I indeed would be working tirerlessly to end poverty, cure diseases, care for the orphans, bring clean drinking water to everyone, bring about a changes in Burma and Zimbawe, and so on and so forth!

Rosemary looked at me.... sat back in her chair and said.... "The Buddha, when he was alive, could not end all the suffering in the world. Who am I to think that I can do this, when even the Buddha could not?"

The air went out of my idealist balloon. I was again reminded to look at myself... what I can do to end suffering .... not be the judge of what others I think... should be doing.

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