Wednesday, June 25, 2008

House hunting in Nongkhai

I am not sure what I said to Mr. Elvis one day that made him think I was ready to buy either land in Thailand to build a house, or to buy an already constructed house. But either way.... house hunting we went!

This house in Mr. Elvis' neighborhood (a small sub-division of about 25 houses in Nongkhai) might sell for about $40,000. House and land!

This house in the same sub-division could go for about $25,000 to $30,000. A steal by California standards!

Just as in the USA, bank repos in Thailand have become common place. Mr. Elvis' wife, Lad, showed me the bank repo listing book and together, based on the description, thought this house close to the Mekong River could be ideal for me. A three bedroom, two bath home for under $20,000. Mr. Elvis and I went off one afternoon to find the house. In the process, we got lost... had to ask for directions. When he asked about the house, the people commented... "That house has ghosts!" The whole house was lost in the jungle of over grown trees! After looking around the sub-division and seeing all the empty houses, I told Mr. Elvis that I thought the whole area was haunted!

Right next to Mr. Elvis' house was a plot of land which both he and his wife thought would be ideal on which I could build a house. The land was only about $8,000 and would have provided enough space for a very large house as well as a huge lawn, or garden or orchard. Only draw back for me.... a foreigner can not own land in Thailand. The title deed must be held by a Thai. Bottom line to this house hunting story..... I did not buy.... yet anyway!

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