Monday, June 30, 2008

The Outer and Inner walls of Wat Phra That Phanom Temple

The inside wall of the outer wall of the temple, is lined with large golden Buddha statues, all of which are facing toward the enormous sacred pagoda, housing the collar bone of the Buddha.... which makes this temple the spiritual center of NE Thailand.

The third, or inner wall of the temple complex, opens directly to the gigantic five story high stone pagoda. The inner courtyard that surrounds the pagoda is relatively narrow and simple. A metal gold colored stairway leads directly to the single wood doors, located some ten feet or more up from the base of the pagoda, that when opened would give access into the actual pagoda.

Beyond the very outer wall of the temple, are located many colorful shrines, many of which have statues of the Buddha located within them. Directly behind this large golden Buddha, is a large Boddhi tree... which was planted near the temple in the 1950s. A branch of the Boddhi tree in India, was taken from there and planted here in That Phanom. Now some 50 plus years later, the Boddhi tree is huge!

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Lazy said...

I like the videos. It gives me a good sense of the immense size and scope of what you are seeing. Good narrative as well. I hope you are find enlightenment. Thanks for the videos.