Sunday, June 15, 2008

Magical Mystical Mountain Temple

Situated high on a secluded forested mountain top sits a fascinating Buddhist complex of beautifully and ornately carved wooden temples and rustic monk huts ... all built on huge rock out cropping and connected by over 300 bridges made of bamboo, concrete and metal.

Throughout the mountain complex are various small temples, each with elaborately and beautifully carved statues.

The 30 year old Abbott of this temple is the artist who pains takingly uses his creative skills to carve some of the most exquisite and beautiful images of the Buddha I've ever seen.

The monk huts, with few if any amenities, are built on the lava like rock out cropping that provide the truly mystical setting for this temple. Individual bridges connect a hut to another rock out cropping which then in turn connects up with a whole series of other rocks and more bridges. When walking through this vast complex, one almost gets the feeling of walking through a labyrinth or maybe the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California!

The whole mountain appeared to have immense boulders shooting up from its base.... some with under ground springs providing fresh, clean water.

An ancient, massive tree with roots growing out of the boulders is home to a spirit that lives within it.

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